We currently offer 11 different wines.

Sunrise Surrender-  Sweet, spicy, yet tangy Steuben blend resembling a White                                 Zinfandel only it's Native American.     $16.00 per bottle

Bright Meadows White-  A sweet 100% Niagara offering a tropical fruit taste                                with pineapple overtones.    $11.00 per bottle

Apple-  A combination of apple blends offering a wonderful balance,                       pairing the tartness of Granny Smith apples and the crispness of McIntosh apples.        $15.00 per bottle                            

Bright Leaf White-  Semi-dry 100% Vidal Blanc.  Smooth vibrant taste with a                                    clean fresh finish and fruit overtones.  $15.00 per bottle

Bright Meadows Red- A sweet Concord wine offering the vibrant slightly                                  foxy taste of concord grapes.   $11.00 per bottle

Blackberry-  A sweet blackberry wine with the ripe taste of sumptuous fresh                       blackberries.  Taking you back to summer days and the scent of homemade blackberry pies.      $15.00 per bottle         

BAG-  A semi-sweet fruity blend of blackberry, apple, and concord grapes.                    This wine offers a distinct and natural taste of blackberries, the aroma              of Concord grapes and the tartness of Granny Smith apples.  $15.00 per bottle

Dan River Noir- A semi-sweet red wine offering a vibrant taste and the                                      old world essence of the Chambourcin grape with a long smooth finish.  $16.00 per bottle

Halifax Red-  A dry full-bodied Concord offering a complex vibrant acidity and                   fine tannins.  This wine is assertive and vividly structured with a strong finish.    $11.00 per bottle

Burley Red-  A dry full-bodied red with an old world essence and the hardiness of 100% Chambourcin grapes.  $15.00 per bottle

Rebellion Red- A full-bodied native Virginia Norton grape produced in                                        Bordeaux style, accentuating the strength and intensity of a                            true American grape.  $16.00 per bottle